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A River Crossing. Imagine it. What do you see? The water lapping up on the
stones on the shore. The water deep with its awesome power as
it flows by. The vast expanse to the other shore in the distance.
The daunting task of getting across. The unknown on the other side.

Is there a sense nervousness as you behold it? A sense of
Fear? Of Anxiety? Or do you see Hope? Do you see Faith? Can you
see the Promised Land on the other side? Because, as for Israel
of old, the river is too swift, the water is too deep, the task
of crossing is simply too hard to accomplish. The enemy awaits.

Then the Angel of the Lord declares, “I will be before you,
to the left and the right beside you, and I will stand guard
behind you.” For it is written “as those who bore the ark came
to the Jordan, and as the feet of the priests dipped in the edge
of the water, the waters which came down from upstream stood
still… and the priests who bore the Ark of the Covenant of
the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the midst of the Jordan;
and all Israel crossed over on dry ground.”

“See”, says the LORD OF HOSTS, “I will do it.”


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“You are to be a worship leader.”

Through a few simple words, a life was transformed. Klaus Rheinfurth was standing in the middle of a worship when he felt the Holy Spirit’s urging. “It was a near-audible voice.” Rheinfurth recounted. “It was so clear.”

Rheinfurth’s response was one of confusion. “But, Lord, I don’t know how to lead worship.”

The reply was simple. “I will show you.”

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