The Story Behind

“You are to be a worship leader..”

Through a few simple words, a life was transformed. Klaus Rheinfurth was standing in the middle of a worship when he felt the Holy Spirit’s urging. “It was a near-audible voice.” Rheinfurth recounted. “It was so clear.”

Rheinfurth’s response was one of confusion. “But, Lord, I don’t know how to lead worship.”

The reply was simple. “I will show you.”

Out of obedience to the calling, the platform known as RiverCrossingWorship was born.  The name was derived from the founder’s own surname, Rheinfurth, where the German translation literally meant “river crossing”.  Rheinfurth’s dream through RiverCrossingWorship was to give people an opening to hear the voice of God. From energetic praise to intimate worship, the music of RiverCrossingWorship seeks to connect people with their Heavenly Father.

“The goal of RiverCrossingWorship is simple.” Explained Rheinfurth. “For people to be touched by God so that they may experience the joy of the Lord and His healing.”


Upon the release of his first album, We Come to Worship, Rheinfurth sought that connection between people and their Creator. This debut praise and worship album is all about the grace and mercy of God. From uplifting praise to deep worship, these songs impart the presence of God.

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The purpose of RiverCrossingWorship isn’t just to lead people into God’s presence, but to teach them about God Himself. Based on the upcoming single, “In the House of the Lord”, The Sanctuary Blog seeks to give people an opening into understanding the heart of the Father. A theological scholar himself, Rheinfurth is passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the Bible and helping to explain Who God says He is.

Upcoming Projects

RiverCrossingWorship is preparing to release the newest single, “In the House of the Lord” within the 2018 year. Featured in Worship Leader Magazine’s Song Discovery CD, “In the House of the Lord” is an energetic praise song seeking to bring the joy of the Lord to the listener. The single is paving the way for more from up-and-coming worship platform, RiverCrossingWorship.